PHONE DIRECTORY – Information is located in the red COVID-19 Information tab. See document HERE.

Job Opportunities Available: See our Village Resources & Services tab, Job opportunities, for more information.

Klukwan Supplemental Household Relief – A T&H Community Directed ARPA Program. Launch date: 4/22/2024; Completion: Upon payment of 52 applications; Applications:; Phone: 907-463-7794; Fax: 907-375-2918; Email: Applicants must have Klukwan as their current voting community. Klukwan resident and non-resident citizens – $3,129.15 per household. One applicant per physical address.

SERVICES – HARK will be offering a monthly service in the village for nail clippings, vaccination services, and much more! This will happen every third Thursday of the month and they will be located at the ANS Hall from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Fees apply, see our calendar below for more information.

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Community Goals

Three major goals for the community:

  • to perpetuate traditional knowledge
  • to improve community self-sufficiency
  • to move toward total wellness.

Language and Culture

Members of the village practice cultural protocols that have been unique to the Tlingits for thousands of years. The matrilineal clan system relies on a moiety structure with clearly defined responsibilities to each Eagle (Kaagwaantaan) or Raven (Ganaaxteidi) clan. Songs, stories, dances, and language are taught to the youth. Reliance on elders reinforces the ceremonial traditions, often relayed in the heritage language, resulting in a rich culture that is uniformly practiced and respected. The longevity of the culture and its people is founded in the preservation of the Tlingit language, a primary goal of our tribe. Opportunities to explore traditional and cultural arts have been highly successful, as evidenced by continuing independent practice. The community has taken some bold steps in the last fifteen years to preserve and revive many of the cultural arts and practices of our ancestors. It is now possible to take a Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Tour and soon visitors will be able to see the new Cultural Center, Hospitality House and the Bentwood Box Gift Shop.


In addition to the Klukwan School and community library, Klukwan hosts many courses around traditional knowledge, languages, and traditional arts.

Nestled along the banks of the Chilkat River rests an ancient Tlingit village called Klukwan. The name Klukwan is taken from the Tlingit phrase “Tlakw Aan” which literally means “Eternal Village,” or “The Village That Has Always Been.” Local oral history tells us that Klukwan was originally settled many years ago by a group of Gaanaxteidi (Raven Clan) men and their Kaagwaantaan (Eagle Clan) wives. The village site was chosen because of the rich natural environment found here, and it is located in remote northern southeast Alaska just 18 miles south of the Canadian border. Klukwan enjoys a multi-layered cultural history that is preserved through the Tlingit language, rituals, stories, oral histories, and subsistence activities practiced by the Chilkat Tlingits, a federally recognized tribe known as the Chilkat Indian Village (CIV).

Latest News

Chilkat Facts


Klukwan's land/tribal jurisdiction covers an area of about 2,000 acres.

HOURS – Klukwan Mercantile, LLC. Store

OPEN: Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays / Saturdays 12noon to 5pm

ALASKA STATE TROOPERS – The Alaska State Troopers would like you to know that you can reach the 24 hour dispatch by calling 907-465-4000.


ALASKA NATIVE VETERANS ALLOTMENT ACT – FAQ, and timeline. For updated information on this, please contact the Realty Specialist at the Tribal Office, extension 229, or You can also visit the Bureau of Land Management website HERE.

Housing Improvement Program – grant program to help eligible Indians & Alaska Natives repair/renovate existing housing, and in some special cases, build New Homes. Please read the flyer for further instructions. You can find the application at the CIV office, or on the website under Tribal Services.

Village Calendar:

Clinic physician visit dates

Tribal Business Economic Relief Program – Eligible businesses must have been operating in Klukwan prior to March 1, 2020 and be able to demonostrate they have suffered economic hardships because of COVID-19. Funds must be fully expended by September 31, 2021 and all expenditures using these funds must be reported back to the Chilkat Indian Village. THREE APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE: Community Artist Relief applicationBusiness Economic Relief ProgramTribal Infrastructure Support application.

~ FOOD SOVEREIGNTY APPLICATION ~ On July 30, 2021 the Tribal Council approved a second round of food sovereignty funds; Applications will be processed in the order they are received. The first round of food sovereignty applications are just finishing up as well. See application HERE.

KUSTOM ORDER KOVID KRAFT KITS – The Covid Taskforce and the CIV council approved the use of Covid Relief Funds to make available traditional craft kits to support community wellness. Interested persons will fill out a simple application and should contact Lani Hotch and the Jilkaat Traditional Art Supply on tuesdays 10-1 or thursdays 10-3 to learn more, check out the available materials and to get help to plan your project. See flyer HERE.