Klukwan Clinic Dedication Ceremony
Following a week of SEARHC Board meetings in the Chilkat Valley, SEARCH Board members, local SEARHC Staff and executive management from Sitka and Juneau were on hand to witness the dedication of the new health clinic in Klukwan. Mayor Mike Case from Haines, and Skagway Tribal President Lance Twitchell were also present to help Klukwan residents to celebrate the occasion.

The completion of the ground floor clinic has been a goal for the community since January of 2002 when village leaders met over a 3-day period to put together a strategic plan for the village. The clinic was identified as a community priority because of the accessibility problems associated with the second floor of the ANS Hall. SEARHC received grants from the Denali Commission and the Rasmussen Foundation to renovate and complete the building formerly owned by Chief and Josie Johnson.
When SEARHC grant writers asked what Klukwan could contribute toward the clinic building the Wellness Sewing group came forward to donate their time and skills to create a button blanket for the clinic. The “Tree of Life/Balm of Gilead” button blanket was presented to SEARHC as part of the ceremonies. It will hang in the waiting area of the clinic upon completion of the glass case being created for it.

Evelyn Hotch, long time SEARHC Board member and former Health-Aid from Klukwan was given the honor of cutting the ribbon and the Klukwan Chilkat Dancers helped everyone get in a celebratory mood as they sang and danced a few traditional songs including an invitational song that called out people from each community in Southeast represented at the gathering. The dancers also serenaded the crowd as they danced through the doors of the new building. The Sisterhood, who had catered meals throughout the week, also hosted a luncheon for the crowd at the ANS Hall.

Following all the festivities many of the guests expressed their appreciation to Klukwan for the hospitality shown here. Ethel Lund, former SEARHC President, also made these encouraging remarks regarding her impressions of Klukwan. “There is such a positive attitude here. You all are can-do people here, and that’s nice to be around. I always hate to leave here.”

For a viewing of all the pictures of the Ceremony, They are in the "Photos" section of the web site. Enjoy!