Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage Center


Bald Eagle Observatory

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Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage Center and Eagle Observatory


Project Update 02/07/06


On January 31, 2006, CIV met with and accepted the JKCHC bank stabilization design provided by the Herrera Group through the USF&G. We will now seek the necessary funding to complete this project.


On February 1, 2006 C.I.V. and our architectural and engineering contractors held a community meeting/workshop.  This is the second of two scheduled community workshops which provided a forum for community members to voice his/her opinion on how our center should be built and what he/she wished to see included in the building design.

This last scheduled community workshop provided our architects the community information needed to complete the design of the building. Final conceptual designs will be sent to CIV for approval before detailed design work begins. The U.S. National Park Service sent a representative to meet with the community to discuss our proposed connecting trail to the State Bald Eagle Observatory. We were informed that they will provide technical assistance in the development. We will be seeking the necessary funds to complete this project.


On February 6, 2006 our CIV President, Kim Strong, our Project Director, Jim Strong, and our grants consultant Lani Hotch met with our Governor and his staff at a reception on the AK Ferry ‘ Columbia’ at the Haines Ferry Terminal. Kim, on behalf of our community, thanked the Governor for his support for our JKCHC project, the school, and energy assistance.


Our JKCHC is still on schedule and within budget. We expect to begin our site enhancement, visitor readiness project as soon as the AK mini-grant is finalized and weather conditions will allow us to proceed.



Project Update 01/05/06


On September 15, 2005, CIV submitted an application for a Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development FY2006 Mini-Grant as a means to fund our visitor readiness and site-enhancement program which we plan to complete prior to the 2006 tour season. We received notice, dated December 21, 2005, that our grant application has been approved for funding subject to a negotiated amount not to exceed $30,000.00. These funds will be used for an engineer visit to the site, to develop a temporary parking lot, enhancement of the trail to the Traditional Knowledge Camp to make it ADA accessible, recycle containers, Bear Proof garbage containers, benches, gravel fill, temporary and permanent fencing, and landscaping.


With the help of our Representative Bill Thomas, we were able to convince our Governor to include $1.5 million in his FY-07 budget for our Culture Center. We will stay on top of this to see that it is not dropped from the budget; in addition, we will continue to seek additional funds to complete our JKCHC project.


On January 5, 2006 we had a teleconference meeting with the Ridolfi, and Portico groups to go over a couple of preliminary building designs sent us. This was a very productive meeting resulting in changes that will reduce the size of the building by 3,500 square foot, and provide changes that we believe are important. The engineering group will now develop a scale model of the building to present to our village community at a community meeting scheduled for January 31 at 11;00 am and February 1st at 9:00am

At the ANS hall.  Lunch will be provided on both days. Again, we urge you to attend this meeting, as your input is vital to the final design of your Culture Center. CIV has invited the Herrera Group, US F&G representative, National Park Service,Powtech, Inc., Mullikin Surveys to this meeting to display and discuss how each is involved in the overall site development plan. As a final note, all work to date is on schedule.