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Lani Hotch
Lani Hotch is one of a new generation of weavers from Chilkat. She was born in Klukwan and descends from a long line of weavers including Jennie Warren, Mary Willard, and Saantaas', her name sake. Lani first began learning Chilkat Weaving from her grandmother Jennie Warren in the mid 1970's but her grandmother passed away in March 1977 and Lani's pursuit of the art was halted temporarily.

Lani returned to the art of weaving in 1990 when Cheryl Samuel came to Klukwan to teach Ravenstail Weaving. Lani was instrumental in getting the Klukwan Healing Robe project started and was one of the four weavers who saw the project through to its completion. Lani is also proficient in other traditional arts such as beading, basketry, felt applique, and skin sewing.

She draws her inspiration from the rich cultural history of her community and the spectacular natural environment in which she lives. Her work is contemporary, and unique, though it definitely has its roots in cultural traditions. A sample of her work can be found in the Sheldon Museum in Haines, the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, or at her studio located in Klukwan, on the banks of the Chilkat River.

Artist Showcase

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Berries on Sunshine Mountain Weaving (read background description)

Klehini River Robe

Chilkat River Robe

Basket Mother Robe

Tsirku River Robe

Lani has also produced the following works

  • Button Blankets
  • Skin sewing/beading
  • Picking Berries on Sunshine Mountain - a weaving in progress
  • The Klukwan Healing Robe


The Chilkat River in Winter served as an inspiration for the Chilkat River Robe

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