Lorraine Kasko



I am Lorraine Kasko a Chilkat Tlingit from Klukwan.  My Tlingit name is Koosnei.  I am Gaanaxteidi, Raven of the Kutis Hit.  I come from a line of talented people in our cultural arts.  My maternal grandfather (Daniel Katzeek) was a silversmith, and made dugout canoes.  My Maternal grandmother (Margaret Judson Katzeek) made moccasins, and button robes and some cedar basket weaving.  My Paternal grandmother (Elsie Kasko) did beading and moccasins.  My father (Edwin Kasko) was well known for being a silversmith and for totems and other wood carvings.  My Mother (Ruth Kasko) was an appliqué beader, made button robes, moccasins, she was a Chilkat and Ravenstail weaver, and she made baskets and hats of cedar and spruce root.  

I do peyote beading, some wood carving and I do some Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving and I also make hats and baskets of cedar or spruce root.  I learned the wood carving from Leo Jacobs Sr and my father.  I learned woolen weaving from Cheryl Samuels.  I learned baskets and hat weaving from Delores Churchill.  I learned the button robes from my grandmother Margaret and Mother Ruth.  I learned design from Leo, Ed and Jim Heaton.

I have made several baskets and hats.  Several ravenstail medicine bags, only a couple Chilkat pieces, which is still a work in progress.  I have made a handful of button robes for others.  I have made many key chains, bracelets and amulet bags using the peyote technique. In addition to the works shown below, you can see more examples here.

Artist Showcase

Ravenstail Medicine Bag

Ravenstail Medicine Bag (back)

Ravenstail Hat

Cedar and Wool Basket
Cedar Hat
Peyote Key Chains

The Long Ago Man Hat
The Long Ago Man was found in the mountains on the border of Alaska and Canada. He was over 500 years old.
  This hat is a replica of the hat that was found on the Long Ago Man. It is a spruce-root hat and took Lorraine over two years to make. Lorraine is the only one in the class to have finished her hat. Because she was not able to sell this hat, she gifted it to her cousin, John Katzeek.