Jeffery Klanott

Jeffery Klanott Jr., Yeil Xaak is Gaanaxteidi from the Whale House in Klukwan.  Jeffery has been carving since 2002, and strives to improve his carving skills with each project.  He has received his training in N.W.C. Carving in Klukwan with Master Carver Jim Heaton.  He is the youngest member of the building crew for Klukwan Traditional Knowledge Camp and has helped to build and carve:

Traditional hand hewn smokehouse

Traditional N.W.C. style Plank House

Wall Screen and 4 house posts in the Kaay Ya Haay Hit

Adzing Shed/Carving Shelter

Two Tlingit Warrior Totem Poles for Klukwan's Veteran Memorial Park

16 ft. Traditional Cottonwood Canoe

Fish Drying Shed (Xaanatz’)

36 ft. Red Cedar Head Canoe

20 ft. Yellow Cedar Totem Pole at the Library

Jeffery is a sport enthusiast who participates in local basketball and softball tournaments.  Jeffery was one of the first students in the Tlingit Language and Culture program program at Klukwan School and this early introduction of his Culture is reflected in his artwork.