Daniel Klanott

Daniel Klanott, Lei.naa, is Gaanaxteidi from the Whale House in Klukwan.  Daniel has been carving since 2002.  Some of the larger projects he has been a part of in Klukwan are:

Traditional Dugout Cottonwood Canoe

Traditional Tlingit Smokehouse

Traditional Tlingit Long House (Kaay Ya Haay Hit)

Wall Screen in Klukwan’s Long House

Klukwan’s Adzing Shed

Two Tlingit Warrior’s for Klukwan’s Veteran’s Memorial Park

Yellow Cedar 20 ft. Totem Pole

Daniel enjoys working with the other carvers and sees each project as a learning experience.  Like most of Klukwan’s carving crew, he has made some of his own tools to use on these projects.  Some of his other interests are native dancing and learning the Tlingit language and helping the Haines softball little league by coaching for three years, and by being an umpire for local games and tournaments.  He is also in charge of Kllukwan’s local men’s and co-ed softball teams.  Along with his younger brother, Jeffery he is part of Klukwan’s basketball team and takes part in Haines’s local tournaments.
Daniel has also worked on some individual projects:

  • Raven Clan Mask
  • Raven Panel
  • Raven Portrait
  • Serving Dish
  • Humanoid Masks
  • Baleen Whale Staff
  • Yellow Cedar Clan Hat
  • Wolf Head Panel